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Why is McDonald's® Canada taking questions about its food?
We're proud of our food, and we want Canadians to know more about it. But in our enthusiasm to share it with you, we haven't always done a great job of answering questions. We want to change that. We're excited to hear your questions – and we'll do our best to answer all of them. So, Canada ... over to you. It's: Our food. Your questions.
How does this Q&A work?

Our goal is to provide personal answers to any questions you ask us about our food. Here's how it works:

  1. Ask us about our food.
    Get the ball rolling by using our website to ask us a question about our food. You'll need to sign in through Facebook or Twitter so we can contact you on the status of your question.
  2. Receive notification.
    A short time after asking your question, you should receive notification through email that that your question has been approved (see our Posting Policy for details). Once your question has been approved, all of Canada will be able to see it on mcdonalds.ca/yourquestions.
  3. Get your answer.
    Once your question is approved, our team will start working on your answer. This could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Just know that we're working on it! We'll send you a message the moment we post your answer to the site.
Why do I have to sign in through Facebook or Twitter to ask my question?
We've found that many people have the same questions about our food. Having Canadians sign in through Twitter and Facebook helps us spread the word – and make sure more people have the information they need to make informed decisions about our food.
What should I do if I'm not satisfied with my answer?
We're making every effort to provide open, honest and informative answers to your questions about our food. However, if you're not satisfied with your answer, or if it inspires you to ask another, please feel free to ask a follow-up question. You can ask it the same way you asked your original question.
Why can only people in Canada ask questions?
Even though McDonald's Canada is part of a large global organization, suppliers, processes and even menu items vary by country. Our focus is on listening to Canadians – and answering their questions about our food. There are exciting things happening across McDonald's entire global network, we're just going to be talking about the food, practices and policies of our Canadian restaurants.
Why was my question rejected?

This program is about our food. We believe that's what Canadians want to know more about. So we're focusing our efforts on giving personal answers to your questions about our food.

Your question may be rejected if:

  1. It's not about food currently on our Canadian menu.
  2. It was submitted from outside of Canada.
  3. It's not a question, but a subjective comment or statement.
  4. It contains profanity.

For more information on why a question may be rejected, please see our Posting Policy.

If your question is rejected, we invite you to try again with a food-related question that meets our Posting Policy.

Please note: If you submitted your question via Twitter and it was rejected, you won't receive a notification.

Who's actually answering all these questions?
The entire McDonald's Canada organization is behind this initiative. From our President and CEO John Betts, to our valued partners and suppliers – we'll talk to any and all members of our team to get your answer. To manage all this, we have a small team that's dedicated to receiving questions and searching out answers from the appropriate resource within our organization.
How many questions have you answered?
Since we launched this program on Tuesday, May 29, 2012, we have answered 16241 questions.
Who can I talk to if I have a question, complaint or need technical support for this program?
Please email your inquires to support@mcdonaldsquestions.ca.
How can I get my question removed?
If at any time you want to ask that we remove any materials that you've submitted, please submit a removal request to support@mcdonaldsquestions.ca and clearly specify the content you wish to have removed. Please note we may need to contact you for further information regarding a removal, and by submitting a removal request you are authorizing us to contact you about that request. We will make reasonable efforts to honour any removal request within ten business days of receiving your request.