About Our Answers

At McDonald’s®, we’re proud of our food, but we know you have questions about how it’s made. That’s why we started the Our Food. Your Questions.® program. Since 2012, we’ve received thousands of questions from Canadians wanting to make more informed choices. Here are some common questions you might have about the program itself:

“Why is McDonald's® Canada taking questions about its food?”

“How does this Q & A work?”

“Why do I have to sign in through Facebook or Twitter to ask my question?”

“What should I do if I'm not satisfied with my answer?”

“Why can only people in Canada ask questions?”

“Why was my question rejected?”

“Who's actually answering all these questions?”

“How many questions have you answered?”

“Who can I talk to if I have a question, complaint or need technical support for this program?”

“How can I get my question removed?”